We are happy to welcome new researchers to our group this autumn! Dr. Simon Tapper is a new postdoctoral researcher with the group. Meghan Ward, Laurelie Menelon, and Bryan Hughes are new M.Sc. students, and Rosemary Minns and Jason Smyrlis are new undergraduate researchers. A warm welcome to all!

New research from the lab!

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Welcome new lab members!

This spring we welcome several new members to our team. We are overdue welcoming Sam Stead, who has been working on the flying squirrel project all winter for her PhD research at U of T. We also welcome several students to summer research positions, including Mark Maddox, Nick Paroshy, Elizabeth Gallant, Shane White, and Bryan Hughes. We have a busy summer planned, and look forward to being out in the field on a variety of different projects.

Our flying squirrel project on The Nature of Things!

We had the great privilege of contributing to the Wild Canadian Weather series on The Nature of Things. Check out the ‘Cold’ episode, and also the behind the scenes episode to see how we got the footage:


Our research was also featured in the behind the scenes episode. Here is the first footage of fluorescent squirrels gliding: